Advanced Biofuels: Using Catalytic Routes for the Conversion of Biomass Platform Molecules (Paperback)

Advanced Biofuels: Using Catalytic Routes for the Conversion of Biomass Platform Molecules Cover Image
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This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Sustainability demands that we meet the needs of our present world without compromising the needs of future generations. As a result, sources and methodologies for renewable energy are being urgently investigated. Biomassoffers one of the most readily implemented, low-cost alternatives to fossil fuels. First-generation biofuels proved to have limited sustainability, but today's advanced biofuels are developing more efficient processes. This book contains the latest research on catalytic processing, a promising technology for making biofuel production truly sustainable.

Included here are:

  • Several overview chapters, describing analytic methods for assessing catalytic sustainability.

  • Chapters that investigate several reaction routes for sustainable catalytic conversion.

  • A final chapter on methodologies for optimizing catalytic reactions.

Written for readers with university-level understanding of chemistry, biology, and engineering, this compendium volume offers evidence that catalytic processing is a flexible and sustainable methodology for the conversion ofbiomass platforms. The editor, one of the leading figures in this area of study, has collected research that covers key issues of interest to fuel and energy technologists and engineers. The comprehensive coverage of current research will also offer scientists a solid foundation for future research in this critical field of investigation.

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ISBN: 9781774635575
ISBN-10: 1774635577
Publisher: Apple Academic Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 330
Language: English