The Many Hats of Louie the Rat (Hardcover)

The Many Hats of Louie the Rat By Sakshi Mangal Cover Image
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An inventive rat saves the day with perseverance, creativity, kindness, and some helpful hats

Louie the rat loves turning not-so-useful things into ingenious inventions, but none of the other rats in town seem to appreciate his odd, often ineffective gadgets. One day, Louie notices his fellow rats wearing some not-so-useful hats: huge hats that don't fit through doorways, heavy hats that are difficult to walk in, and ridiculous hats that make it impossible to see. Inspired, Louie decides to make some useful hats for the town. From his never-ending supply of discarded things, he makes wool hats for warmth, wide-brimmed hats for shade, and hard hats for safety.

The other rats don't seem to care about his hats, until a few acts of kindness from Louie grab their attention. And when a crisis strikes, Louie uses his talents to craft a hat useful enough to save the entire town

This delightful tale of big ideas and generous acts highlights the importance of tenacity and a growth mindset. Readers will draw confidence from Louie's resourcefulness and enjoy a visual feast of inventions to point out and ponder on each page.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781771474955
ISBN-10: 1771474955
Publisher: Owlkids
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English