The Cut Flower Sourcebook: Exceptional perennials and woody plants for cutting (Hardcover)

The Cut Flower Sourcebook: Exceptional perennials and woody plants for cutting By Rachel Siegfried Cover Image
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Growing flowers for cutting brings the garden indoors and eliminates the air miles associated with shop-bought plants.

This book turns the spotlight on perennials and woody plants which return year after year with little effort or waste, offer valuable habitats to garden wildlife, and also bring a more natural quality to arrangements.

Flower farmer Rachel Siegfried began her career as an estate gardener in the Cotswolds and in this book she shares her selection of 130 rigorously trialed plants and her garden-led philosophy that together bring such exceptional results. Her exquisite arrangements capture the essence each plant making the most of characterful twists and tendrils, testament to years of expert botanical observation and hands in the soil.

Beautiful photographs capture the seasonal diversity and natural ease that are a hallmark of Rachel's work and provide the inspiration to make a cutting garden that can be picked from every week of the year.

About the Author

Rachel Siegfried has worked in horticulture for twenty-five years. In 2008 she founded Green & Gorgeous, a flower farm and floral design studio in Oxfordshire, England where she grows hundreds of varieties on four acres of land. Rachel’s gardening background brings a unique perspective which puts seasonality and sustainability front and center of her work. She is the author of The Flower Book for DK Publishing.

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ISBN: 9781739903923
ISBN-10: 1739903927
Publisher: Filbert Press
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English