The God of War: How an Ancient God Shaped the Modern World (Volume 1, 1200BC - 630AD Abraham to Heraclius) (Paperback)

The God of War: How an Ancient God Shaped the Modern World (Volume 1, 1200BC - 630AD Abraham to Heraclius) By Frank Kenny Cover Image
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Religious history comes to life in this journey into the roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Today's world has been shaped by the concept of one God as creator and judge. The influence of this deity casts a shadow over human affairs. Though God is worshipped as a figure of peace and hope, ancient texts depict a much different being. Do believers truly understand the origins of their God?

Delve into the heart of religious history, where the enduring legacy of the Abrahamic faiths converge with tales of war and theology, revealing their profound impact on contemporary society. In this compelling narrative, religious historian Frank Kenny navigates the complex evolution of a warlike deity from the early scriptures of Jerusalem to the verses of the Bible and Qur'an they inspired. Challenging the one-dimensional portrayal of a benevolent God, The God of War offers a multifaceted view that spans the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Journey into history and:

  • Explore the progression of religious beliefs and their impact on global conflicts and societal transformation.
  • Witness how the conflict lines emerged between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, despite their mutual reverence for Abraham, father of their faiths. Learn how these differences led to centuries of war and bloodshed.
  • Unearth the anachronisms of the Bible and the historical context that shaped them.
  • Get a clearer understanding of the march of Yahweh, God of War, from obscure provincial deity to arbiter of human morality.
  • Travel across 3,000 years of world history from the highlands of Canaan to the killing fields of the Persian and Roman empires. Encounter the remarkable men and women who played a significant role.

Meticulously researched and peppered with enriching historical detail, The God of War offers an impartial examination of the wars, violent conflicts, and political struggles that still affect us today. The God of War is a must read that challenges conventional narratives and encourages readers to find their own answers to the complexities of faith.

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