Strong After 60! The Seniors Strength Training Guide for Improved Energy, Mobility and Balance. (Paperback)

Strong After 60! The Seniors Strength Training Guide for Improved Energy, Mobility and Balance. By Sophie Smith, Chris Thompson Cover Image
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It's time to regain your strength and independence so you can enjoy your golden years

Are you sick of feeling like muscle aches, joint pains, stiffness and low energy levels are your new normal?

You're not alone - these are the common issues that many older adults face. But the truth is that these things often aren't actually effects of aging, but effects of inactivity.

And using a simple strength training routine to become active and strong again can help you to live a life that isn't ruled by pain and frailty.

It doesn't matter if you've been inactive for a long time, or even for most of your life, short, simple strength training routines can get you feeling full of energy and independent again.

In a study published in Preventive Medicine, scientists reported that adults aged 65+ who strength train even just twice per week show a 46% lower mortality rate in comparison to those who do not.

So not only can strength training improve your life, it can even extend it

This book has been created to give you all you need to kickstart your journey.

Inside, you will find:

- Effective home strength training plans created just for you by a highly experienced Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.

- A glossary full of simple movements that can improve your strength, mobility, and balance.

- Tailored workouts to help with certain areas of weakness and ailments, like a weak back or sciatica pain.

- 30 extra workouts to try once you've built up a good level of strength.

- Information on how strength training can improve anxiety, depression, and dementia - it's not just your physical well-being that it supports

- Nutritional guidelines to help you stay healthy without depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

And so much more

With step-by-step instructions and illustrations of each movement, you have all the guidance you need to become a stronger you.

If you have a camera phone, you can even scan a QR code for every single movement and watch a video demonstration

So if you're ready to start feeling confident, strong, mobile and energetic once again, or you have a family member or friend who you'd like to see take back control of their health, this is the book for you

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ISBN: 9781739106003
ISBN-10: 1739106008
Publisher: Sophie Smith
Publication Date: November 7th, 2022
Pages: 174
Language: English