Year of She Arise (Hardcover)

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There are times when we get stuck in endless cycles of guilt and regret seemingly wondering how we can move forward. We struggle with fear, bound by past pains and traumas learning how to cope and mask the things going on day to day while subsequently drowning on the inside. Bound by our inability to breath we attempt to scream for help slowly losing more air and being buried in defeat. We ask questions like "God where are you"? Teetering back and forth on if we made the right decisions as if our past has a right to dictate our present or future. Year of she is the exploration of those feelings of doubt, overcoming the pain, and emerging into the woman God knows you to be. Everything you have seen or endured had its purpose and when God stated He would get the glory that also meant that all things would work together for your good. Toxic cycles can be disrupted and there is a life void of the brokenness that has tried to plague you. Your story has been written and it is time for that new chapter to unfold. Welcome to your Year of She, Arise

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736605011
ISBN-10: 1736605011
Publisher: Gold Leaf Supreme LLC
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English