Teenage Girls and Business: Making It Happen (Paperback)

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Earn Your First $1 Million While Still In High-School: Here's What Even Mark Zuckerberg Didn't Know Before College.

Have you ever heard of the names Mikaila Ulmer, Alina Morse, or Isabel and Caroline Bercaw?

They're not showbiz personalities, or reality TV stars. They didn't cause any controversies, and they're not tabloid material.

So who are they?

Well, they're just regular teenage girls... who happen to be multi-millionaires.

They all earned their first million before their 15th birthday, and are now proud owners of their own brands and business enterprises.

And they did it without Instagram, Youtube, or having celebrity parents.

So how did they do it?

Their success stories are different, but there are two things they all had that made them so crazy successful.

One is a great idea.

The second one is passion.

Mikaila Ulmer earned her fortune selling lemonade with honey, which she started adding after a bee stung her and she got interested in how bees affect our ecosystem.

Alina Morse's love for lollipops and healthy teeth resulted in creating a successful healthy lollipop brand.

Two sisters, Isabel and Caroline Bercaw were so bored during their bath-time, they started producing homemade bath bombs with surprise toys inside them. Soon, they were earning millions.

Can you spot a pattern here?

These girls are not Harvard-educated business experts. They're not social media personalities.

But they are passionate and creative.

And these two things are all you need to join the club of teenage business prodigies.

In Teenage Girls and Business, you will discover:

How to come up with a million dollars' worth business idea that doesn't even have to be unique to be successful

The most important, make-it or break-it skill every businessman has... and how to develop it yourself

● How to analyze and manipulate the market to promote your idea and stand out among your competition

● Tips for refining your business idea by using bulletproof, top-secret business methods, and taking it to the next level

● How to find your niche and use your advantages to attract attention, as well as customers

Business plans for transferring your idea to a product, along with marketing strategies to make sure the cash starts rolling in

Numerous other business techniques and strategies, from pricing your products to funding your new, successful company

And much more.

Age is just a number. You don't have to graduate college, find a job, and work for a few decades to have some kind of cash-stash.

You can start earning your own income and doing something you feel passionate about at any stage of your life.

Mikaila Ulmer was just 4 years old when she started her lemonade business.

We're always hearing the phrase that it's never too late -- Mikaila and the other girls have proven that it's never too early either.

If you want to know how you can create a successful business enterprise as a driven teenage girl, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
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