Of The Lost Leviathan (Book Four of The Unanswered Questions Series) (Paperback)

Of The Lost Leviathan (Book Four of The Unanswered Questions Series) By Lauren D. Fulter Cover Image
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With the Council, there's no such thing as a regular road trip.

The past six months have been peaceful: No murderous grandmas, human-hungry lizards, or explosive Oquelite incidents. But the Council is restless to leap back into action and stop the Shadow Soul before she strikes next.

When their restlessness turns into fighting amongst each other, the Sergeant devises a mandatory team-building trip. But their harmless trip turns into a race across the regions when they discover the newest, powerful Council Member, capable of disastrous floods and destroying city pipelines...but that's not the biggest problem. He's only two.

With nothing but a camper trailer and a few fireworks, the nine superpowered teenagers must protect their newest Member from not only the government and their supernatural enemies but from the harrowing consequences of his own destructive power.

The water is rising.

The storm is coming.

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ISBN: 9781736114681
ISBN-10: 1736114689
Publisher: Lucy Knoell
Publication Date: June 11th, 2024
Pages: 494
Language: English