Talk '90s with Me: 23 Unpredictable Conversations with Stars of an Unforgettable Decade (Hardcover)

Talk '90s with Me: 23 Unpredictable Conversations with Stars of an Unforgettable Decade By Matt Pais Cover Image
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"Matt Pais deserves four stars for reintroducing us to many of the greatly talented but often unsung heroes of 1990s film. This is a terrific read."-RICHARD ROEPER

"Even if you're drowning in pop culture nostalgia, Pais' book is a fun, insightful and informative life raft."-ROBERT K. ELDER, author of The Film That Changed My Life

"Matt Pais captures an entire era succinctly and vividly. A fascinating read."-GABRIELLE ANWAR

"A love letter to my wonder years, and goes far beyond nostalgia. Every '90s kid will love it "-DREW FORTUNE, Vulture/Rolling Stone contributor, screenwriter, and author of No Encore Musicians Reveal Their Weirdest, Wildest, Most Embarrassing Gigs

"Jurassic Park." "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." "That Thing You Do " "Boy Meets World." "A League of Their Own." "Home Alone." "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." "Doug." "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." "Newsies." "American Pie." "Cool Runnings." "The Mighty Ducks." These are not just movies and shows. They are legends, and for so many who grew up in the '90s, important markers of our childhood. If you could ask the stars behind these classics anything-with the purpose of taking conversations in different directions than any they've had before-what would you say? What would you learn?

In "Talk '90s with Me," each interview begins by exploring the subject's own '90s nostalgia and then poses topics they've never discussed. It creates a blend of memories and analysis that's fresh and unexpected, fun and thought-provoking, silly and profound-offering something new to remember (including exclusive, stump-your-friends trivia ) while honoring the movies and shows you'll never forget.

Maybe it feels like getting a drink with the stars; maybe it just feels like the kind of long phone call that people had a lot more in the '90s.

Featuring interviews with:

  • Tom Everett Scott ("That Thing You Do," "La La Land")
  • Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie," "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot")
  • Billy West ("Doug," "Space Jam," "Futurama")
  • Karyn Parsons ("The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Major Payne")
  • Gabrielle Anwar ("Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken," "Scent of a Woman," "Burn Notice")
  • Devin Ratray ("Home Alone," "Hustlers")
  • Amy Jo Johnson ("Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," "Felicity")
  • William Daniels ("Boy Meets World," "The Graduate")
  • Ariana Richards ("Jurassic Park," "Tremors")
  • Hill Harper ("Get on the Bus," "He Got Game," "The Good Doctor")
  • Luke Edwards ("Little Big League," "Newsies," "True Detective")
  • Marguerite Moreau ("The Mighty Ducks," "Wet Hot American Summer")
  • Charlie Korsmo ("Hook," "Dick Tracy," "What About Bob?" "Can't Hardly Wait")
  • Doug E. Doug ("Cool Runnings," "Operation Dumbo Drop")
  • Leanna Creel ("Saved by the Bell," "The Cell")
  • Aaron Schwartz ("Heavyweights," "The Mighty Ducks," "Gossip Girl")
  • Megan Cavanagh ("A League of Their Own," "Robin Hood: Men in Tights")
  • Dave Holmes (MTV's "Wanna Be a VJ")
  • Red Williams ("American Gladiators," "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation")
  • Jason James Richter ("Free Willy," "The Little Things")
  • Ernie Reyes Jr. ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze," "The Rundown")
  • Charlie Talbert ("Angus," "The Big Short")
  • Shane McDermott ("Airborne," "Swans Crossing")

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