Road Map to Your Job: Navigating to Each Pit Stop on the Road to Employment (Hardcover)

Road Map to Your Job: Navigating to Each Pit Stop on the Road to Employment Cover Image
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No work experience? Low GPA? Don't let that stop you.

The 5 Pit Stops (sections) in the book teach straightforward exercises as well as fun activities that the reader can use to cruise through the job search process and obtain a job that they want.The 5 Pit Stops (sections) in the book focus on the following topics:

* Pit Stop # 1: Building a Sound Network
* Pit Stop # 2: Sharpening Your Story (review background, strengths, weaknesses)
* Pit Stop # 3: Populating Your Platform (resume, website, cover letter, portfolio, etc.)
* Pit Stop # 4: Building Confidence and the Ability to Sell (explain story in any situation)
* Pit Stop # 5: Running over the Interview (put it all together and go tackle the interview)

Each of the Five Pit Stops (sections) in the book starts with the definition and importance of the Pit Stop. Subsequently, the author provides an actionable framework of steps, or Road Map, to practice for each section. After the Road Map in each Pit Stop, the author provides further details, example experiences, and the main takeaways of the Pit Stop. While readers can read straight through the book and apply their learnings, each portion of the book can and should be used for quick and frequent reference.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781734433401
ISBN-10: 173443340X
Publisher: Trevor M Morgan
Publication Date: December 29th, 2019
Pages: 110
Language: English