RUBY HEART The Legend Begins (Large Print / Paperback)

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The ruby is a gemstone naturally formed in the shape of a human heart. It has no special powers of its own. But for the one who possesses it, their innate powers are amplified - if used to help others. Or to bring them to a belief and trust in the Son of God

The Ruby heart is given to Basilikos, Basil at his coming of age.

In his 18th year, he hears of a baby king who will change the world for ever. Against orders, he stows away as a servant on his father's camel train to search for this mighty king.

But Basil's disobedience has a dire effect on those left at home, and he must live with the consequences of his actions. Intrigue, deception, treachery, death and destruction follow.

Many years later, Basil, now a rich silk merchant enters the gates of a mighty city. He is immediately engulfed in a crowd screeching, "Crucify him Crucify him "

Crucify who?

It is that mighty king - the one who was supposed to change the world forever

Is all lost?

Is there any hope for humanity?

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ISBN: 9781733961783
ISBN-10: 173396178X
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Publisher: Lost Legends Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: August 20th, 2021
Pages: 398
Language: English