Beyond the Scoreboard: Learn It Through Youth Sports, Carry It Through Life (Paperback)

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"Whether you are a parent, an elite athlete, or an adult with a professional career, the information and tools presented in Beyond the Scoreboard are invaluable." Tina Cervasio FOX 5 NY Lead Sports Anchor/Reporter, Host of "Sports Xtra""Dr. Nick covers all of the bases in Beyond the Scoreboard. Dr. Nick has provided a roadmap which will help parents avoid making the wrong turns."Bob PapaVoice of the NY Giants and The Golf ChannelIn sports, isn't it more important that the player focuses on developing their physical skills? If the physical game is good, then the mental game will be good, right? And if the athlete possesses confidence, isn't that all they need for a strong mental game anyway? The answer is a definitive "no" to the previous commonly asked questions. Focusing on the physical game or assuming confidence is all a player needs are not the answers for success. The mental game impacts the physical game at every turn; the mental drives the physical, not the other way around. A positive mental game sets the player up for emotional and physical growth--predecessors to enjoyment and longevity in sports. And the truth is, many parents and coaches fall short in effectively developing a youth's mental game.But let's face it, youth sports take up a considerable amount of time and money for most families. There isn't enough time or extra funds to hire that mental coach or sport psychologist. And most programs don't have money in the budget to hire a sport psychologist to aid the coaches. So, how do parents and coaches learn to correctly navigate a player's mental game? And how do they do it without stretching themselves and their kids with respect to scheduling, emotions, or finances? Beyond the Scoreboard is the answer: the tool at the ready to help parents and coaches navigate the all-important mental game. Dr. Nick has worked with athletes at all levels, including countless collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes, to help them develop a strong mental game. And the one thing he never focuses on is confidence. Find out why and what you should be focusing on in Beyond the Scoreboard: an all-encompassing, 'how to' guide for parents and coaches. It doesn't matter if your child is a superstar on the field or is the worst player on the team, this book is for you. Your child deserves the critical tools to succeed in sports and life. Don't put off parenting or coaching a child toward success. Read this book today

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ISBN: 9781733492935
ISBN-10: 1733492933
Publisher: Celeste Chin
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Pages: 214
Language: English