Trailblazers: Following the Path of Our Unsung Sisters (Paperback)

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I will always remember, as a child, hearing my mom tell Bible stories. She made the men and women on the pages of God's Word come alive, and I would listen with fascination as she described battles, evil kings, dangerous journeys, and breathtaking miracles. I knew that these stories were not like any other because they came from the pages of God's Book: they were absolutely true.

Through those stories, my mom planted in my heart an enduring love for the Bible. She made me feel like I knew Esther, that I could sit down and talk to David, and that Jesus was as close to me as the bear I held in my arms under the covers. Today, as a grown woman, I look forward to the day that I will be able to meet the Bible heroes and heroines who have taught me invaluable life lessons and who have helped me to understand God's plan for His people from the beginning.

The lessons that you will find in this book involve Old Testament women whose true stories are often untold. I hope you will be encouraged and that your faith will grow as you see the quality of strength radiate through the lives of these remarkable women. Some of their names you will recognize and others may be completely unfamiliar to you, but I believe that studying the unique characteristics of each of these women can help you on your journey to becoming a stronger Christian serving in God's kingdom.

Our God values, loves, and cares for women. Throughout the Bible, we find many examples of how women involved themselves in the Lord's work, how they demonstrated their faith through obedience to God, how they influenced others as a result of their godly choices, and how God used them to accomplish His Will. They weren't inhibited by what they couldn't do; instead they changed lives because of what they could do.

Today, God needs women to do the same

Whether it's teaching the Bible to a small child or to a room full of women, whether it's lifting some one up in prayer or sharing the Gospel in a personal Bible study, whether it's writing a note of encouragement or curriculum for Bible classes, the opportunities for women to work in the church are abundant and meaningful. The church needs Christian women who are teachers, speakers, writers, organizers, visionaries, and missionaries who can lead other women and children in their walks with God and take the message of the Gospel to the world. When we recognize the important roles we have and humbly follow the guidelines found in the New Testament, we empower ourselves and our daughters to use the talents we've been given in harmony with God's perfect plan for the organization and sustainment of His church.

The purpose of Trailblazers is to motivate women to become stronger for the cause of Christ. The Bible tells us that we must be prepared not only to fight for our faith, but also to defend it. This study will help women find the strength to do both.

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