I See God in Everything (Hardcover)

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My mommy always taught me to believe in the One who created the stars, the moon, and the trees.

I See God in Everything is another reading-made fun story with the playful rhythm that dives into the imagination and the reality of a young girl and how she sees God in the big world around her. We are traveling more in-depth into the digital age, and our kids are immersed more into all the technology that's easily accessible to their little fingertips. Most certainly, technology is the future, but no matter what technical advances humankind makes, it's essential that our kids get to know the beautiful world around them and disconnect from the video games, the supreme grid, and connect with our Heavenly Father.

It is refreshing for them to know that God created everything around them and to give thanks. God still loves us and shows us each day. I believe It's enriching and unforgettable for kids to have an awareness of God in their lives at an early age. The more children discover God in the world around them, the more they will grow up to understand him. This awareness and love for God will carry them throughout their entire lives and forever be their guiding light.

I see God in the whole wide world, and like a ballerina, he causes her to slowly twirl.

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ISBN: 9781732563599
ISBN-10: 1732563594
Publisher: Script Novel Publishing
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English