Alcohol Blending and Accounting Volume 1: U.S. 60° F. Gauging, Blending and the International Alcohol Tables (Paperback)

Alcohol Blending and Accounting Volume 1: U.S. 60° F. Gauging, Blending and the International Alcohol Tables Cover Image
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This book is a compendium, cookbook and formulary of alcohol blending procedures, tables, and methods. It begins with basic gauging, accounting, rectification and distillery management procedures in the context of the United States 60 F (TTB) blending regimen. It then applies those procedures to other calibration temperatures (primarily 15 C and 20 C) using the International Alcohol Tables' General Formula and metric units. Alcohol blending has been extensively studied and reported upon but the sources stretch back over a century and have been added to piecemeal. This work has gathered together many dozens of formulas and procedures into a two-volume reference work with adequate citations to the original sources for verification. Every procedure has been constructed as a spreadsheet and tested to the limits of its performance. The progression of methods and procedures tracks the author's education and progress from generally serviceable and simple procedures to more refined and exact methods. The text is mostly an exegesis of what arithmetical operations are taking place in the diagrams; accordingly, it is not an easy book to read. Apart from the first sections, it is a reference work for formulas that are needed to accomplish specific tasks. Prospective readers should examine the extensive table of contents to see whether Volume 1 or Volume 2 will best suit their needs. Volume 2 is a self-contained examination of multi-calibration temperature blending based upon metric methods and the IAT formulas. Volume 2 also examines the three-body problem of blending alcohol, water and sugar to obtain desired alcohol concentrations and sugar densities.

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Payton D. Fireman founded The West Virginia Distilling Company, LLC, in 1998. It was West Virginia's first legal distillery licensed since Prohibition.Payton is a member of both the West Virginia and Florida Bar Associations. His company websites are and

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Publication Date: September 2nd, 2018
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