Dimensions of Dementia: A Journey about Love and Life Between a Mother and Her Son (Paperback)

Dimensions of Dementia: A Journey about Love and Life Between a Mother and Her Son Cover Image
By Lacricia A'Ngelle (Illustrator), Shelia E. Bell (Editor), Ted Crawford D. O. (Foreword by)
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Fasten your seatbelt. Get ready for the ride of your life inside the pages of this beautiful, gripping, maternal love story that has melted the hearts of so many in America and globally via social media. After removing his mother from a nursing facility, Elvis Gardin, after just 11 days, by way of juicing, superfoods and a plant-based diet, was able to get his mother off 34 pills a day. From wheelchair bound at age 84 to dancing to the music on a rebounder at 87 Dilcie Gardin was free and happy, laughing and pranking, pushing the shopping cart in five back-to-back stores and loving every minute of her revitalized life The dynamics between this son and mother and the lengths he goes for his mother to be happy in her last years, the obstacles, battles fought and won is riveting This book is a real eye opener. A "how to" in the world of elder caregiving on a level that challenges even the best care giving. This story will make you cry, cause you to laugh, and provoke you to think deeply within yourself. The author shares deep insight that speaks volumes of educational, insightful and candid wisdom from his own experiences which all act as tool guides within the content of this book for anyone in the trenches, suffering PTSD, frustration, post-grievance, legal troubles family dissension, how to work with doctors, nurses, and elder care facilities healthy plant-based foods and natural supplements that worked miracles for his mother, how to learn to find your joy and gratitude in even the tiniest moments and more. Dimensions of Dementia is candid, raw, and straight from the writer's heart to yours.

About the Author

Dimensions of Dementia is this author's first work. Elvis Gardin is a vegan chef, a former massage specialist and caregiver of his mother, Dilcie Gardin, until she transitioned at the age of 88. Elvis plans on writing and publishing more books including a recipe book in the near future. He resides in the south.

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ISBN: 9781724359216
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 10th, 2018
Pages: 210
Language: English