Ecclesiantics: 30 Years of Church Humor (Caring #5) (Paperback)

Ecclesiantics: 30 Years of Church Humor (Caring #5) By Erik Douglas Johnson Cover Image
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Churches are bewildering and confusing to many people. If you've been a church-goer, some of the cartoons in this collection may sound familiar. If you've been a volunteer in a church, many of these snapshots of church life will ring true. And if you've ever been on staff of a church these jokes will certainty garner knowing nods. Author and artist Erik Johnson was a pastor for 23 years, and a free-lance cartoonist for 40 years. His most prolific years were from 1980 to 2010 during which time he chronicled, documented, and kept detailed records of the weal and woe of running a church. His vocation was pastor, but his avocation was "humor scribe" writing and selling short humor pieces and cartoons to dozens of religious magazines. This six-volume set, Ecclesiantics: 30 Years of Church Humor, covers the years 1980 to 2010. If you were involved in church during those years, welcome back to a simpler (but no less stressful) time to be in ministry. If you were born too late to "do church" during those years, or if the very idea of church feels creepy, this is a safe way to see what went on behind the scenes in many congregations in the years leading up to and immediately following Y2K. If you never knew churches could be riddled with antics, you're about to find out.

About the Author

Now retired, author and cartoonist Erik Johnson enjoyed several careers--clergy person, therapist, and conflict-mediator. During these activities he was always a freelance cartoonist and humor writer. His web address is where he blogs, offers free papers of a therapeutic nature, and sells his books, graphic novels, and cartoons. He's widowed, enjoys his five kids and three grandchildren, and lives in the beautiful pacific northwest.

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