How to Install Air-Conditioning in House: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Central Air Conditioner (Paperback)

How to Install Air-Conditioning in House: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Central Air Conditioner Cover Image
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This book was created to direct readers the right way of installing different types of air conditioning units. Cooling equipment is necessary equipment needed by humans. With the ever warming temperature and increasing humidity of the environment, installing air conditioning units at home and at work area is vital to productivity. The history of air cooling systems is mentioned in the first chapter where it was mentioned that it originated from the Ancient Egypt. Ancient Romans followed what the Egyptians started while the Persians continued then trend. It was not until an American engineer developed the model of the modern units we use today. Chapter two of How to Install Air-Conditioning in House defines what air conditioning is all about. It tells the difference of personal comfort and industrial applications. Industrial air-conditioning usually requires better precision about temperature, humidity and moisture control. Some applications also demand a high degree of filtering and removal of contaminants. In chapter three, it talks about how an air conditioning unit works. While most of us consider air conditioning as associated with cold, it is basically a concept of transfer of heat - more technically known as heat convection. An indoor unit absorbs more heat thus cool air is what is left behind. In the succeeding chapters, the different types of air conditioning systems are thoroughly specified as well as their advantages and disadvantages in using them. There are health concerns that must be looked upon because many families are unaware about these health issues that might affect every user. Chapter eight would tell the reader that an air conditioning system is installed inside a particular room. Most especially when running a business, AC system is one important thing to invest for. It must be included in the list of expenses because working areas when humid, affect the productivity of your personnel. How to Install Air-Conditioning in House also specifies the three key parts of an air conditioning unit namely the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator. Every unit's compressor and condenser are seen as the outer part of the unit while the evaporator is the one located in the room. When these three major parts work, they create the processes of enthalpy, fluid pressure, and the dissipation of heat. As the process happens, heat is always extracted and removed. This particular heat is responsible in the separation and distinction of liquid from gas. The author is totally in high spirits in creating this book as guide to installing a cooling system. The book also includes the advantages or benefits one can get once an air conditioning unit is installed. It also illustrates the reasons why installing a cooling system is very important.

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ISBN: 9781720973652
ISBN-10: 1720973652
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 10th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English