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Intuition can be developed. It is a divinely inherent part of each of us. Many believe you are just gifted with intuition. I've found that a person's powerful abilities are hidden behind negative emotions, energies and experiences. All of these things bury the best parts of ourselves deep inside. Using the power of your mind, heart and body you can clear the way to deeply connect to the intelligence that has been with you since the creation of you. In so doing you will find your ability to create your life, rediscover your true identity and and develop your purpose. I've compiled and developed many therapeutic methods to teach emotional and energetic intelligence. These "power tools" open the way to allow the energetic and physical body to me more connected to the intuitive senses and intelligence. Book Created As The Curriculum For - Intuitive Intelligence Course: Part 1 - Teaches Emotional Intelligence - Focusing on the Heart, Mind and Body. Part 2 - Teaches Energetic Intelligence - Focusing on Word, Color, Light and Purpose What the course does: Identifies emotions and experiences causing issues in connections/relationships. Clears out emotional/energetic blocks that keep you burdened and stuck. Teaches "power tools" that will help you identify and change limiting beliefs Rewrites subconscious programs that stand in your way of progress. Helps you recognize and revamp thoughts and behaviors that are negatively affecting you. Teaches how to manage and process the emotional energy you experience daily. Brings clarity to the intuitive skills and information you hold within. Teaches meditation, a tool of self-discovery and self-mastery if used correctly. Instructs on the energy system - how it works and how it can help you. Opens up space inside you to create a new, brighter and better version of yourself. Helps you become your guide to your powerful inner wisdom to help you discover your purpose. What the course includes: Online Training Videos- additional training lessons on the skills/tools taught in each empowerment area. Individual Hypnotherapy/Mentoring Sessions - to work through "power tools" taught, clear out emotional/energetic blocks/limiting beliefs and personalized meditation/intuition mentoring. Recorded Meditations- gives access to meditations created to process emotions and for energetic management. Meditations that will help you attune yourself with your intuitionand purpose. For More Information -

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ISBN: 9781716134579
ISBN-10: 1716134579
Publication Date: March 29th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English