Discovering Effective Reading InstructionA Reading Instructional Playbook (Paperback)

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"Dr. Smith's book, Discovering Effective Reading Instruction, is a true discovery. He easily explains the reading process and offers solutions and resources that are ready to implement in any classroom. He breaks the reading process down into a step-by-step process that is easy to follow and understand. It takes differentiated reading instruction to the next level as it shows how to find what skills students are missing, how to fill the holes, and move them on to the next level. He takes the hard task of small group instruction and simplifies how to implement it and do it well. This should be in the hands of every classroom teacher as it takes away the teacher guessing and gives them the tools to help every student meet or exceed grade level reading goals." Dawn Kennison-Kerrigan, Instructional Coach "The ideas in Discovering Effective Reading Instruction are easy to apply. It is a great resource for veteran teachers and new teachers alike. I have seen firsthand how a scientific approach to reading builds a strong foundation for all readers but especially those with learning disabilities. Every elementary teacher needs this book " - Ashley Nicodemus, Kindergarten Teacher and Language Specialist "Discovering Effective Reading Instruction covers so many important reading topics in a way that any teacher (novice or seasoned) should be aware of. Dr. Smith reminds us that reading is not a natural brain function, and simplifies many of the more complex reading skills. He emphasizes the importance of phonological/phonemic awareness as a foundation for later reading instruction, as well as touching on topics such as dyslexia and small-group instruction. The book reads with the tone of a mentor sharing information on the importance of reading instruction." Michelle Raible, Title I Teacher.

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ISBN: 9781714022939
ISBN-10: 1714022935
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: February 27th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English