How to Get Longer Life From Your Big Screen Television Set: Simple Techniques to Add Ten Years (Paperback)

How to Get Longer Life From Your Big Screen Television Set: Simple Techniques to Add Ten Years Cover Image
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This Book Will CHANGE The Way You Use Your Television Set

Book Description


This book performs a unique task. It may be the only book of its kind in the world. It offers valuable information, written in plain language, as to how the average consumer can protect their valuable big screen TV sets.

Big Screen TV sets are expensive. Yet most owners buy a big screen TV and commence watching it as soon as it comes out of the box. They seem to feel that because their television set is new, it is also safe. This is as far from the truth as one can possibly imagine.

In reality, there should be preparatory steps taken between receiving a big screen TV set and watching it. These simple preparatory steps can add ten years or more to the life of a big screen television set.

Most causes of early big screen TV failure are preventable. Certainly, the sooner the television unit is protected, the more effective the protection will be - but EVERY television set can benefit from application of these concepts, and by adopting a more protective view of our television sets, in general.

When we buy a new big screen TV set, there is NO guarantee that it will last the night. This book hopes to even the odds a bit in favor of the television owner.

"How to Get Longer Life from Your Big Screen TV Set" describes simple techniques to offer real protection for our big screen television sets. Combining a smattering of technology with a dose of humor, this book aims to produce a fun learning experience with a useful goal: getting longer life from our big screen TV sets and saving ourselves a TON of money.

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ISBN: 9781704754741
ISBN-10: 1704754747
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2019
Pages: 86
Language: English