Art Base Berlin 2019: Art as a concept of ecological sustainability (Paperback)

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The Art Base Festival Berlin represents a completely new, sustainable form of art presentation. Today, art is distributed almost exclusively via digital media. Few things are as damaging to the environment as the digitization of the world, which not only results in complete human equality, but is a catastrophe from an environmental point of view.Today, art is distributed via smartphones, consumed via tablets and hosted on servers. Greenpeace has calculated that the Internet, if it were a country, would have the world's sixth largest power consumption. German data centers consume approximately 15 terawatt hours. Twenty-five nuclear power plants are needed worldwide to generate energy for the Internet. Googling the word "art" 100 times alone costs as much electricity as half an hour of light can burn, every uploaded trivial cat picture consumes electricity, every trivial self-destruction by selfie on Facebook not only harms the human brain, but also the environment. Every day, millions of shabby, trivial photos and videos are sent around the earth, which usually nobody looks at again after the first fright. Alone video streaming drives the power consumption in the amount, per second about 4 million queries are processed at Google. Each photo uploaded to a cloud contributes to the destruction of the planet.The Art Base Festival in Berlin takes a completely different route to art education: Sustainable.Transparent.Honestly.Shown are only analogue images as recycling unloved compulsory prints. Everyone knows the annoying evil that you have to take paper prints in the development of a film.Most of these deductions are carelessly thrown into the environment, Meanwhile, the Artbase Berlin 2019 places these images in a contextual relationship with the environment and thus creates new semantic qualities of art appreciation. We go with the artworks into a disused bathhouse and lead them to a new purpose: recycling art pure.The Artbase is dedicated to the genius of climate thinker Greta Thunberg, who sailed alone and courageously across the Atlantic to improve the world.Any child who does not go to school but sails instead makes the world better, and any photo that embellishes the world in a sustainable way follows Greta that way.

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ISBN: 9781691351510
ISBN-10: 1691351512
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 6th, 2019
Pages: 60
Language: English