A Collection of Theological Essays (Paperback)

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This book of essays includes some theological work of the author while studying at the Bible Centre of Rochester and Syracuse. He sincerely prays that everyone who reads this book will be blessed and enlightened through the words on these pages. It is also his hope that the reader develops the desire to dig deeper and further into God's Word. Within this book, the reader will find some thought-provoking words designed to enlighten and encourage readers at all levels. Between these pages, the readers will find topics such as the following:

1. The black church: a brief look at the black church from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade era to the modern black church.

2. Peter's denial: a look at Peter's frailties and growth.

3. and 4.New Testament Gospels I and II: a brief look at the gospels and their characters.

5. Peter and Paul: a survey of the dedication of Peter and Paul.

6. A comparison of Abraham and Lot: a survey of who these men were, their weaknesses and strengths.

7. Law of first mention: a look at how this law plays out in Scripture.

8. The universal God: an overview of atheism, evolution, polytheism, and materialism versus God the Creator.

9. The doctrine of salvation: a brief look at some aspects and concepts of salvation.

10. Who is Jesus: a look at the deity of Christ.

11. The Holy Spirit: an introduction to the Holy Spirit.

12. St. John's Seven Signs: a review of the seven miracles in the book of Saint John.

13. Justification: our doorway to the kingdom of God.

14. Effective leadership: a few things every believer should know.

15. Esther: the move of God: a brief look at a book that does not mention God's name or prayer.

16. The sacrificial offering system: the significance of blood to man's reconnection with God.

17. There is a war going on: a brief look at how sin entered the universe and earth and the believer's tools to win in spiritual warfare.

18. Exegesis on the Lord's Prayer: a discussion concerning the Lord's prayer.

19. Exegesis prayer: man's communication with God, sermon outline.

Starting his educational journey in the religious arena has been very rewarding and uplifting. Everyone, especially in ministry, should invest in the formal study of God's Word. It takes a little more to win souls and minister in today's world than in years past. Scripture informs us that the world is becoming weaker and wiser; therefore, soul winners should seek to become wiser and more knowledgeable in God's holy Word. Thus, the author encourages anyone starting in the ministry to grasp a good grip on Scripture learning and understanding before taking on the devil in ministry. Learn about the religious systems at work and other religious persuasions. The Scriptures tell us to "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).

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