Who Owns the Moon?: And Other Conundrums of Exploring and Using Space (Hardcover)

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Who Owns the Moon?: And Other Conundrums of Exploring and Using Space By Cynthia Levinson, Jennifer Swanson Cover Image


Are you ready for your first trip to the Moon? Today’s teens may travel to multiple planets and moons in their lifetimes. This book is a primer on what to know for a future in space. It combines technology and science with law and policy for a fascinating look at a very timely subject.

For teens who are space fans, this book is loaded with fascinating facts, great stories, and new ways of thinking about the challenges of space. It covers topics on the science of space, and developments in technology (e.g., satellites behaving like spacecraft), and it also considers the laws that have been drafted for space travel, and space etiquette—the agreed upon norms of behavior that allow humans to explore without conflict. The book discusses the problem of space debris, and the growth of space tourism. It provides details about the Artemis missions and plans for the Gateway space station, and so much more. It challenges young readers to think about the decisions that need to be made in the years ahead to ensure that space exploration remains an exhilarating and peaceful activity. And the final chapter provides guidance on careers in the space industry—being an astronaut is only one of many exciting paths to pursue.

About the Author

Cynthia Levinson is a Robert F. Sibert Medalist and author of three previous books published by Peachtree, including Fault Lines in the Constitution. A former teacher and educational policy consultant and researcher, she holds degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard University.

Jennifer Swanson is an award-winning author of over 40 nonfiction books for children, mostly about science and technology, including Save the Crash Test Dummies published by Peachtree. A graduate of the Naval Academy with a degree in Chemistry, she is the creator and cohost of the Solve It! for Kids Podcast and is quickly emerging as an influencer, especially for information about space, directed to kids.

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ISBN: 9781682635377
ISBN-10: 1682635376
Publisher: Margaret Quinlin Books
Publication Date: January 7th, 2025
Pages: 256
Language: English