I Dare Say: A Gerald Horne Reader (Paperback)

I Dare Say: A Gerald Horne Reader By Gerald Horne, Tionne Alliyah Parris (Editor) Cover Image
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I Dare Say: A Gerald Horne Reader is a timely and essential collection of the many works of Professor Gerald Horne--a historian who has made an indelible impact on the study of US and international history.

Horne approaches his study of history as a deeply politically engaged scholar, with an insightful and necessarily partisan stance, critiquing the lasting reverberations of white supremacy and all its bedfellows--imperialism, colonialism, fascism and racism--which continue to wreak havoc in the United States and abroad to this day.

Drawing on a career that spans more than four decades, The Gerald Horne Reader will showcase the many highlights of Horne's writings, delving into discussions of the United States and its place on the global stage, the curation of mythology surrounding titans of 20th Century African American history like Malcolm X, and Horne's thoughts on pressing international crises of the 21st Century including the war in Afghanistan during the early 2000s, and the war in Ukraine which erupted in February 2022.

As we continue to observe the chaos of our current times, I Dare Say: A Gerald Horne Reader foregrounds a firmly rooted, consistent analysis of what has come to pass--and provides illuminating insight that better informs where we may be headed, and outlines what needs to be done to stem the tide of growing fascism across the Western world.

About the Author

Gerald Horne is Moores Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. His research has addressed issues of racism in a variety of fields including labor, politics, civil rights, international relations and war. Dr. Horne is the author of more than thirty books, including The Counter Revolution of 1836: Texas slavery & Jim Crow and the roots of American Fascism and The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in 17th Century North America and the Caribbean. Tionne Alliyah Parris is a PhD candidate at the University of Hertfordshire who received a 1st Class Undergraduate degree and a Masters degree from the University of Dundee in Scotland. She is a specialist in African American history, and specifically in the Black Power Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Her research is focused on American society's response to race-based political protests--as well as Communist ideology within Black Radical protests.

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