The Commentary of Conservative Ladies and Child: The Bible Cites the Word "Honor" (Paperback)

The Commentary of Conservative Ladies and Child: The Bible Cites the Word
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CHRISTMAS 2019 EDITIONThe Commentary of Conservative Ladies and Child: The Bible Cites Word "Honor"A keepsake of events and imaginations surrounding honor as a former Social Vice President and Historian for the Prytanean Woman University Honor Society, writing an Honors Society Book for Alpha Gama Sigma for the Status of Women, and, what reminds me of each citation as a meek memorial of these years. "Honor" occurs 133 times in 125 verses in the American Standard Version Bible, primarily Catholic in its content.This is a commentary on the Biblically cited word "Honor". All Bible verses with the word "Honor" are cited in the following pages, and, then, a conservative feminine critique, and, then, a child commentary on the verse. This is a very nice addition on the feminine perspective on the Bible. Written for Seminaries on women's issues, disappointed soldiers, families, those resting from illness and struggle, and for wives and children and beleaguered husbands, this book will bless your understanding of Scriptural Honor. It is a devotional, but, more, it is an educational book on an important subject from different perspectives. You will have finished commentary on each Bible verse that contains the word "Honor". Absolutely, a good book for the education of children to read with parents. May God honor you in your search for Biblical Honor.A devotional book that is also an educational book. You will learn these verses through your study. There will also be another version that includes the interpretation from a Buddhist perspective, and, interfaith Christian masculine perspectives, keeping the integrity of Christian-Catholic perspective as a priority for rich commentary in these additional books versions.

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Publication Date: December 19th, 2019
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