The Secret Code of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara: Ancient Wisdom Revealed (Paperback)

The Secret Code of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara: Ancient Wisdom Revealed By Steve Kallman Cover Image
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We know little about the famous great sage, Imhotep, who was the Vizier, or Prime Minister, of Egypt under the Pharaoh Netjerikhet Djoser of Egypt's Third Dynasty. As well as being the Royal Architect and Royal Physician among his many titles, the man himself is somewhat of an enigma. This book is, perhaps, the most complete account of Imhotep's architectural and medical careers as revealed in the grandeur and graceful beauty of Egypt's oldest pyramid, and challenges the reader to look beyond the obvious and see the hidden Sacred Wisdom that Imhotep embedded within its architecture. In this book is the proof of Imhotep's status of Royal Physician, even though none had existed before.

His skill as an architect is clearly visible in his innovative, extensive use of stone in the Step Pyramid and its surrounding buildings. However, this book goes beyond admiring the results of Imhotep's endeavors. Rather, it goes into detail concerning the methods and hidden history of its design and construction. Gleaned from books and reports from the initial excavations and reconstruction beginning in the late 1920s to more recent discoveries, the result is the most detailed study of the Step Pyramid to date. No other book contains as much information about the Step Pyramid. More than that, it is one man's journey from a serendipitous find to an ever-expanding awareness of the Step Pyramid's many secrets hidden in plain sight in the ensuing decades following his discovery.

Through extensive research, the author has unraveled a mystery (or mysteries) confirming Imhotep's uncanny genius in creating a masterpiece within this most unique pyramid of Egypt. Numerous photographs and images depict the Step Pyramid almost in its entirety assist in illustrating and understanding the author's theory, as he provides in-depth, step-by-step supporting material to validate his claims. The ancient Egyptian connection between the physical and spiritual worlds comes into play as the author delves into anatomy, as well as the concept of duality – the Magic Number 2 (among other important numbers), cubits, the language of Sacred Geometry and Ratios, and their influence on Imhotep's blueprints for the Step Pyramid. This tale will not only captivate Egyptology enthusiasts but also those with little or no interest in the relevance of this historical account as the author tries to make sense of this socket, its location and use as it relates to the structure and doorways of the Step Pyramid. The author's talent for storytelling will quickly engage readers with the accounts of how Egyptians lived, worshiped, and celebrated within the Step Pyramid's ?eb-Sed Court that eventually became a medical center. The theoretical explanations of various rooms, alcoves, and courtyards may challenge current thought, but in the end, will undoubtedly enlighten and enthrall the reader.

About the Author

Steve Kallman is a retired computer systems engineer from Cleveland, Ohio. He worked for Cuyahoga County managing large-scale server networks and storage systems until his retirement in 2019. Besides being an author, Steve majored in music at Cleveland State University in the early 1970s. He studied music composition with J. Bain Murray and Rudolph Bubalo. He studied orchestra with Julius Drossin and percussion with Robert Matson, both former members of the Cleveland Orchestra. In his younger days, Steve conducted various small ensembles and choirs in the Cleveland area. He is also a former member of the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra. A passionate lover of all things ancient Egyptian and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Steve used his skill as an nature photographer to record the monuments of Egypt on two trips in 1988 and 1990, from which came the source of inspiration for this book. In 1990, while on a solitary photographic tour through the Step Pyramid complex in Sakkara, Egypt, an "armchair archeologist" made a chance discovery of a relatively unknown artifact. Though this elegantly carved artifact is not very important by itself, it led the author to uncover many secrets hidden for millennia concerning the sacred wisdom of ancient Egypt concealed in the architecture of the Step Pyramid Enclosure by its architect, Imhotep.

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