Flatwater Kayaker: My time spent in the Musconetcong Watershed and surrounding waters. (Flat-water Kayaker #1) (Paperback)

Flatwater Kayaker: My time spent in the Musconetcong Watershed and surrounding waters. (Flat-water Kayaker #1) By Jeremy Travers Cover Image
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Flat Water Kayaker is the story of my time spent on and around the upper Musconetcong River watershed and surrounding waters in north west New Jersey. It explores my passion and expereinces kayaking local waters. It is the story of not only kayaking local but also how I developed my passion of the water and nature in general as well through sharing my experiences and encounters.
It is not only a story about kayaking in north western New Jersey which has some amazing wild and open spaces to explore but is a broader story of doing what you love and spending time developing and cultivating that passion.
Flat Water Kayaker explores the history of the area through the eyes of the author and personal experiences growing up on New Jersey's largest lake. He gives insights to what his time was like living in a summer community as a year round resident and how that influenced the person he would become with a strong love for nature and the water.

About the Author

Jeremy Travers grew up on Lake Hopatcong ,the headwaters of the Musconetcong River, where his love of the water was cultivated and encouraged by his friends and family. In his youth he spent countless hours exploring New Jersey's largest lake. It wasn't until he returned to New Jersey after a period of traveling around the country and living in Vermont that his passion for the Musconetcong Watershed took hold. He began documenting every kayak trip he took within the watershed and surrounding lakes through video, photos, and the written word. He volunteers with the Musconetcong Watershed Association and their river monitoring program as well as the Lake Hopatcong Foundation where he co-leads kayak paddles around Lake Hopatcong to help raise money for the organization and share the rich history of the lake with paddlers.
By sharing his experiences on and around the water with others his hope is that they will be inspired to go out and have their own experiences and work to keep that wild and open space.

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ISBN: 9781667856384
ISBN-10: 1667856383
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: November 25th, 2022
Pages: 174
Language: English
Series: Flat-water Kayaker