A Mind Well Instructed: The Key to Unlock Your Biblical Understanding (Paperback)

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The bible is written in virtually every language known to man, yet most read it without truly understanding it. A tight-knit web of lies, erroneous opinions, religious traditions and false doctrines taught in this world make it very difficult to navigate through the holy scriptures and grasp its infinite wisdom. A Mind Well Instructed provides many essential tools for both the novice and biblical scholar alike to break through the world's deceptive web and help lead you to the truth of the scriptures. With nearly 30 years of in-depth biblical study, teaching and writing, Raim Israel meticulously examines and gives the correct understanding to many key questions with narrative anecdotes, carefully explained research, pragmatic examples and salient facts about the validity of the bible, nationality, the true history of the Caucasian race, the controversies surrounding the biblical calendar, understanding of salvation, repentance, the revealing of the true lost tribes of Israel, biblical end time prophecies, the Gentiles, biblical study methods and much more. The author guides you on a journey to the "truth" of the scriptures and the wealth of being fully "persuaded in your own mind" in the hopes of your achieving A Mind Well-Instructed.

About the Author

Born in Los Angeles, Raim Israel grew up in a household of avid readers, puzzle solvers and music enthusiasts. In January 1994 after the devasting Northridge earthquake, Raim's spirit was rudely awakened and the void in his spiritual life was filled with a fiery spirit to eagerly learn about the Most High God and His ways. He was introduced to the TRUTH of the scriptures by strong and well-learned men. He quickly left behind all his worldly ambitions and a promising career in music to commit his life to spreading the gospel and teaching God's people. After nearly 30 years of in-depth biblical study, research, teaching and numerous written works together with the unfailing and devoted support of his wife, children, family and friends, Raim has published two books, "Virgin Birth Exposed" and "A Mind Well Instructed" that offer reasonable explanations and answers to pertinent biblical questions. Find out more info on Raim's Instagram @raimisrael12.

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Publication Date: November 17th, 2022
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