Old Testament for Children (Paperback)

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The language of the Old Testament can be a challenge for young people to understand in its entirety. The complex ideas and difficult vocabulary-that even leave some adults at a loss-can make understanding Scripture an arduous journey for kids. Yet, it doesn't have to be this way. In Old Testament for Children, Goldie Manning rescripts the stories of the Old Testament, beginning with the Book of Genesis and ending with the Book of Jonah. After relocating with her preschool age son, she found that the new church they attended did not have a children's program. Despite her efforts, she was unable to find a curriculum that covered the entirety of the Old Testament, and so, she made her own. Each week, Manning crafted a lesson that covered a story in the Old Testament and explained tough words and new concepts at a children's level. Within each lesson are comprehension questions that work to reinforce the messages and lessons in each story, helping to keep children focused through an eagerness to answer questions correctly. During her period of writing, Manning learned and grew in the Lord as she prepared the lessons, and she found that the children's church program grew as well. Pick up your copy of Old Testament for Children and journey through both well-known stories like Adam and Eve, as well as lesser-known stories, such as Jael, the woman who defeated a war general, and the Shunammite woman's son who was brought back to life by Elisha. You're never too young to discover the glory of God. The author grew up in the church and always looked forward to "Bible Hour," her church's version of Children's Church during the service. She has two children and lives in the Midwest, enjoys quilting, and is an avid reader. Taking long walks and admiring her neighborhood's gardens is a favorite pastime. She is currently pursuing a degree in Art Therapy at a local University.

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ISBN: 9781662876356
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Publication Date: May 13th, 2023
Pages: 284
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