Politically Incorrect: The Rantings of the Silent American (Paperback)

Politically Incorrect: The Rantings of the Silent American By Perry Flann Collum Cover Image
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Are you happy with the US government and the current state of the union? If so, then you probably won't appreciate this book. For the other 99% of Americans, this book may be for you. This book takes sarcastic aim at liberals, politics, taxes, economy, civil rights, 2nd amendment, and a variety of other inappropriate topics in a less than politically correct manner. The book is infused with a mixture of facts, humor and opinions from the perspective of an irritated conservative American. Liberals will tell you not to read this book, as they don't want to be clouded by facts and logic that have no place in their misguided world. So, prepare yourself to laugh as you read about topics that probably annoy you too. My pen name that translates to Perry Red Neck says it all. I am a 50 something conservative from the backwoods of central Pennsylvania, and a person of little significance as my wife of 28 years will attest. My most prominent but certainly not endearing trait is probably sarcasm. I have always kept my political opinions to myself and small circle of conservative leaning compatriots, however the current state of affairs in the USA are prompting me to speak up even though my views will not be considered mainstream or conformist. This is my first attempt to publish a book, although I have written and am in the process of writing several others, in genres that include science fiction and humor.

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ISBN: 9781662855443
ISBN-10: 1662855443
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: September 21st, 2022
Pages: 216
Language: English