Cultural Dividends (Paperback)

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Cultural Dividends is an inspiring story of four young men who became close friends while attending the University of Rutgers. They all had the same vision of becoming successful entrepreneurs and creating an investment firm that will one day be worth a billion dollars. All four men pledged and vowed to believe and trust in one another and never stray away from accomplishing their goal. They developed a mindset of striving to be the best they can be in the business world. They took an oath among themselves to put their firm, Cultural Dividends, as number one priority. They promised to one another to never break their bond and to be one hundred percent obligated in reaching their dream.

Race or color never is an issue with them. They don't care about nationality; they care about winning. Separation is something that will never happen with them. Sticking to their code of the Triple D Effect is the only way. Having the discipline to stay committed, the determination to win, never settling for losses, and the dedication to always work hard on establishing a solid, strong foundationCultural Dividends. Communication and weekly meetings to discuss business strategies and plans to develop and grow their firm was going to be the norm for the four young men. There is no boss in this firm, but there is a belief and trust that Peter and Mohan are more qualified to run the show. They will always listen to one another's point of view. Their road to success is difficult and sometimes challenging. They are young men who also like to indulge in the nightlife but understand Cultural Dividends is number one.

This story is to show younger men or women that you can achieve and win in the business world. Working together as a group and not independently is key. Multiple minds locked in and focused on a project is critical to becoming successful. Motivating one another, supporting one another, is a choice we all have to make. For these four young men, it's not a choice. It's a way of life

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 324
Language: English