The Angels on Our Doorstep (Paperback)

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The Angels on Our Doorstep is the tale of thirty years spent on a remote Ohio farm and the steady stream of neglected little souls who found solace there.

The blending of hearts and the melting together of natural enemies occurred simply as a result of love.

Marc and Joelle opened their hearts and their home to all those they found in need. Over time, however, the rescued became the rescuers, and the humans received more than they gave.

By offering a second chance to those fresh out of chances, Joelle found the fulfillment for which she was so desperately longing. Fulfillment comes in a variety of ways to those seeking it. Some work in a straight line, always keeping their eye on their ultimate goal. Others stumble along until it seems divine intervention shows them the way.

Life's journey takes us to places we may never have expected and teaches us to appreciate the small gifts we are given daily. Those finding love and joy on their journey are truly fortunate. Those making the journey in the company of angels are blessed beyond measure.

Angels appear in various ways in our lives. In Marc and Joelle's experience, they tend to have four legs, a lot of fur, and beating inside them are enormous hearts full of love.

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ISBN: 9781662449536
ISBN-10: 1662449534
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Pages: 88
Language: English