Saved by Science: The Hope and Promise of Synthetic Biology (MP3 CD)

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How can we accelerate the development of vaccines? How do we feed three billion people when twelve million died of hunger in 2019? Does synthetic biology hold the answer?With all the advances in science in the last century, why are there still so many infectious diseases? Why haven't we found cures for difficult cancers? Why hasn't any major progress been made in the treatment of mental illness? And how do we intend to stop, and not only that but reverse, global warming and the climate crisis?In Saved by Science, scientist Mark Poznansky examines the many crises facing humanity while encouraging us with the promise of an emerging solution: synthetic biology. This is the science of building simple organisms, or "biological apps," to make manufacturing greener energy production more sustainable, agriculture more robust, and medicine more powerful and precise. Synthetic biology is the marriage of the digital revolution with a revolution in biology and genomics; some have even called it "the fourth industrial revolution.

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ISBN: 9781662032264
ISBN-10: 1662032269
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
Language: English