Podiatry Business Success Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building A Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You (Paperback)

Podiatry Business Success Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building A Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You Cover Image
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I wrote this book for you, the clinic owner or potential clinic owner. Yes I am a podiatrist, but whether you are a Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, etc. and if you're either thinking about opening your own clinic or have already done so, then this book is 100% for you. Obviously I'm a podiatrist and it's written from a podiatrist perspective, but the concepts I talk about throughout this book can be transferred to any sort of health professionals clinic. Inside you will discover how Lorcan O Donaile built a Podiatry Business that allows him to see patient's for only 5 hours a week, take 4 holidays a year and spend more time with his family and doing the things he loves, all why increasing his profits by over 400%.-The secrets on how to avoid the mistakes that means that most Podiatry Clinic Owners are chained to their stagnating businesses. -The tips to make the most of the patient's you already have, thus boosting your turnover before having to spend another cent on marketing. -A step by step system for hiring and retaining the best of staff.-The process to follow to avoid wasting any more money on ineffective marketing. -The systems to get the new patient's you want beating a path to your clinic all on autopilot.-How to devise the perfect pricing system to ethically boost your profits.The keys the giving your patient's the WOW customer experience. Lorcan O Donaile, Podiatrist & Health Business Coach has worked in private practice since qualifying from London Foot Hospital in 1998. Having set up his own clinic & almost losing everything he has rebuilt his business to one where his team now treat 500% more patient's. This allows him to focus on helping other clinic owners to Earn More, Work Less & Enjoy Life in his Coaching Business Contents Start Here.....Secret No 1. Great Clinical Skills Will Not Guarantee A Profitable Podiatry Practice. Secret No 2. You Need A Business Mindset.Secret No 3. You Need To Wow Them With Your Customer Service.Secret No 4. Fix Your Leaky Bucket First.Secret No 5. You Need A Robust Price Strategy.Secret No 6. You Have Got To Know Your Numbers.Secret No 7. Why Almost All Podiatry Clinics Are Wasting Their Money On Marketing.Secret No 8. Always Use The Marketing Triad. Secret No 9. Start With Internal Marketing, It's Simpler By Far.Secret No 10. Rock Your Podiatry Clinic With Amazing External Marketing.Secret No 11. Staff, You Have To Learn To Love Them.Secret No 12. How do I scale my podiatry clinic?Secret No 13. Get A Podiatry Business Coach.

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ISBN: 9781655040580
ISBN-10: 1655040588
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 9th, 2020
Pages: 220
Language: English