Letting Go after Homeschooling High School: How to Successfully Launch Adult Children (or Die Trying) (Paperback)

Letting Go after Homeschooling High School: How to Successfully Launch Adult Children (or Die Trying) Cover Image
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Launching Teens Can Be a Roller-Coaster of Emotions

Be Free from the Burden of Hanging On and the Fear of Letting Go

Every parent goes through the letting go process differently. Some feel pain, eagerness, insecurity, confusion, overwhelming concern, worry, and loss. Others feel guilty because all they feel is overwhelming relief Either way, handling your emotions can be a struggle.

Whether you are feeling slightly disoriented or fully adrift, you can learn how to navigate this uncharted territory. Let Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, teach you how to release your teen with joy and confidence and embrace the end of homeschooling.In this book, you will learn how to:

  • prepare to launch your teen into adulthood,
  • prepare your teen for independent living,
  • say goodbye with love and grace, and
  • face the empty nest with joy and anticipation.

Preparing your heart and home for the inevitable transition from homeschool to adulthood will enable both you and your teen to step confidently into the next phase of life.

Here's Why You Need This Book:

If you or your teen are anxious about the personal, family, or life changes ahead, this book provides clear guidance on how to navigate this often turbulent time with courage. It will help you build a lasting bond to transform your parent/child and teacher/student relationship into a sweet and enduring friendship.

"Letting Go after Homeschooling High School" is part of The HomeScholar's Coffee Break Book series. Designed especially for parents who don't want to spend hours and hours reading a 400-page book on homeschooling high school, each book combines Lee's practical and friendly approach with detailed, but easy-to-digest information, perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop

Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable, each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time.

Who is Lee Binz and Why Should You Listen to Her?

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are fully prepared for college and for life. Lee's practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of homeschool parents muster the courage to complete their homeschooling journey. She is both reassuring and empowering, and will give you the knowledge you need to successfully graduate your high school student, and have confidence that they are ready to take on the world.

A firm believer that homeschooling provides the best possible learning environment, and that parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children, Lee's mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school.

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ISBN: 9781651944349
ISBN-10: 1651944342
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 27th, 2019
Pages: 110
Language: English