The Voice of the Rabbit: And the Proactive approach to hunting and fur trapping in the 21st century (Paperback)

The Voice of the Rabbit: And the Proactive approach to hunting and fur trapping in the 21st century Cover Image
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As the world propelled itself into the twenty-first century, technology exploded and busted into the homes of people around the world. With the explosion of technology came distribution centers, vendors, smart phones, increased traffic, and the increase in home delivery trucks.
People in the twenty-first century have turned to online shopping for ease and convenience. The problem with ease and convenience is that it creates unforeseen problems.
The explosion of distribution centers and increased traffic is squeezing animal populations out of what has been their home ranges for many years and forcing animals onto the highways where they are dying every minute of every day.
Not every twenty-first-century problem needs a technological solution; some things cannot be fixed with an app. Some things still remain basic.
Hunting and fur trapping are proven ways to manage animal populations that show respect to the animal, providing a food source or source of material for human beings that is the basic definition of organic.
In a world where clothing is made from plastic and shoes no longer contain leather, we as humans find that being disposable is a new way of life. We rely on petroleum products even more than we know. From clothing and shoes to car parts and furniture, plastic surrounds us.
Hunting and fur trapping provide a value to so many animals that may likely end up as roadkill on the highway or sickened from disease.
With increased construction and land consumption, it will only happen more frequently, and unless we as people act--and act soon--millions more animals are going to die and be wasted on our streets and highways.
And that truly makes me sad.

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ISBN: 9781648011764
ISBN-10: 1648011764
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 27th, 2020
Pages: 88
Language: English