The Young Runner's Guide to Nutrition: How to Fuel Your Body to Train Smarter, Run Faster, and Recover Quicker (Paperback)

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The Young Runner's Guide to Nutrition: How to Fuel Your Body to Train Smarter, Run Faster, and Recover Quicker By Michele Pettinger Cover Image


Empower young runners to take control of their health and training with this practical guide that teaches them the basics of sports nutrition and includes over 40 balanced and healthy recipes.

Author, lifelong runner, and certified running and nutrition coach Michele Pettinger grew up running under the tutelage of her father, the high school cross country and track coach. With The Young Runner's Guide to Nutrition, she plans to carry on the legacy of reaching youth runners and the communities that support them through nutrition education and practical, easy-to-implement protocols.

With this practical guide, young runners will learn the fundamentals of sports nutrition, explaining why they need specific nutrients and what foods contain them. These young athletes will also discover more about:

  • Navigating adolescence and the unique nutritional needs of the young runner, like macronutrients, micronutrients, and hydration Nutritional challenges and health risks such as the female and male athlete triads, disordered eating, RED-S, and other areas of concern Strategic fueling and optimizing performance and recovery through nutrition planning and nutrient timing Empowering change by integrating nutrition education into running programs, including how to foster positive body image and daily practical tools for upholding nutrition protocols And so much more

Change in sports nutrition for young runners needs to start with the entire community that supports them--their coaches, trainers, and families. That's why The Young Runner's Guide to Nutrition also includes resources for coaches on how to integrate nutrition education into their training programs and content for parents on how to foster good nutrition at home that will support the needs of their young runner through meal planning, cooking, and conversation.

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ISBN: 9781646047772
ISBN-10: 164604777X
Publisher: VeloPress
Publication Date: March 4th, 2025
Pages: 160
Language: English