The Low-Calorie Cookbook: Healthy, Satisfying Meals with 500 Calories or Less (Paperback)

The Low-Calorie Cookbook: Healthy, Satisfying Meals with 500 Calories or Less By Megan Olson Cover Image
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Eat Your Way to a Healthier, Happier You

The key to losing weight is not to deprive yourself until the scale hits a certain number, but to eat properly balanced meals that leave you feeling fuller for longer. Megan Olson, certified nutritionist and founder of the blog Skinny Fitalicious, gets this. In her breakthrough collection, Megan not only shows you how to make delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts—all amazingly under 500 calories—but how to cook meals rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats, so you can curb your cravings and effortlessly cut the junk from your diet.

These flavorful recipes replace high-calorie ingredients with creative, lowcalorie swap outs, such as subbing Greek yogurt for mayo or ground oats for white flour, to naturally (and deliciously!) make each meal leaner. Find healthier ways to enjoy your favorite dishes, with recipes like Chicken Pad Thai, replacing noodles with spiralized sweet potato, or Stuffed Pepper Soup, which ditches the rice and beef for low-calorie cauliflower rice and ground turkey. You’ll never settle for a bland breakfast again thanks to Megan’s incredible, low-carb PB&J Doughnuts or Cheesy Tex-Mex Cauliflower Casserole. And if you thought losing weight meant ditching sweets, think again. Enjoy an array of processed sugar–free treats like Tahini, Vanilla and Espresso Chocolate Bites and No-Bake Cookie Dough.

Plus each of these incredible recipes is accompanied with helpful nutritional information so you know exactly what you’re nourishing your body with. With Megan’s wholesome, balanced recipes, you’ll lose weight and build a better relationship with food, all while enjoying delicious, leaner meals.

About the Author

Megan Olson is a certified nutrition practitioner. She is the founder of Skinny Fitalicious. She has been featured in Shape magazine, Women’s Health and more. Megan lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Praise For…

“Megan's recipes focus on balance with simple, whole foods. From protein-rich breakfasts ideas to light lunches and easy one-pan dinners—what's not to love?”
—Lindsay Cotter, author of Nourishing Superfood Bowls and creator of Cotter Crunch

“This book is a must-have resource for healthy living. The recipes are vibrant, nutrient-dense and absolutely delicious.”
—Gina Harney, creator of The Fitnessista

“Megan is the go-to recipe creator for people trying to lose weight without trying restrictive fad diets.”
—Ashley Pitt, creator of A Lady Goes West

“This is so much more than a cookbook—Megan provides real tips for lasting weight loss and balanced meals that are both delicious and nourishing.”
—Brooke Selb, fitness creator of Wrecking Routine

“The recipes in this book make eating healthy feel approachable and enjoyable, and they are downright delicious! You know you found the right book when there is Mac ‘n’ Cheese on the menu!”
—Samantha Rowland, creator of Bites of Wellness

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