The Healing Process (Paperback)

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Cassandra Wade finds herself in the center of a spiritual whirlwind when she learns that her loving mother has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. is horrific news leaves Cassandra in disbelief, as she is forced to confront her emotions and even questions her faithfulness to God in this roller coaster of events that was sparked by unforeseen information. Will she stand brave when faced with the unknown? Or will she collapse under pressure from her siblings, child, and other family members? All of Cassandra's aspirations in life are about to be in jeopardy and put to the test if she can't keep her life from spinning out of control. e guilt she has to live with, the day she made the decision, will haunt her for years to come. Cassandra's deep depression is only heightened when she turns her back on the only other consistent entity that has been in her life besides her mother-God himself. In this tell-all story, relationships will become unraveled, epiphanies will be discovered, and trials and tribulations will be unmasked. Cassandra's journey to find her own identity again will be plagued by distorted occurrences.

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ISBN: 9781643673653
ISBN-10: 1643673653
Publisher: Urlink Print & Media, LLC
Publication Date: April 26th, 2019
Pages: 52
Language: English