The Congo Diaries: A Mission to Re-Wild the World and How You Can Help (Paperback)

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Mark Vins and His Environmental Conservation Mission to Help Save Our Planet

Join Mark Vins of Brave Wilderness and His Courageous Environmental Conservation Expedition to Save Africa's Virunga National Park.

Known as one of the rainforest "lungs of the Earth". Virunga National Park is on the verge of complete devastation. Now environmental conservationist Mark Vins, CEO and Co-Founder of Brave Wilderness, a Youtube channel with over 19 million subscribers, is on a quest to make a difference in the fight to save our planet.

The world's second largest rainforest is in trouble. In the heart of the Congo forest lies Africa's oldest environmental conservation and UNESCO World Heritage site, Virunga National Park. It contains virgin rainforests, volcanoes, lakes, and savannah, all in a completely unique combination of natural habitats. Virunga is the home of many species of plants and animals and is located in the only region in the world that is a mountain gorilla habitat.

Learn about critical environmental issues. Follow Brave Wilderness' Mark Vins as he takes his camera crew into the heart of this hot zone for his most ambitious--and dangerous--expedition ever. Explore the intersection between humankind, the environment, animals, and the fight against global climate change. Investigate the park's wildlife and global significance to understand how the heart and lungs of Africa might survive.

Inside, find:

  • Anecdotal stories from Vins' expedition through the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • A firsthand and comprehensive overview and analysis of a pressing environmental crisis
  • Paths for achieving conservation impact and global sustainability

If you liked The Comfort Crisis, Owls of the Eastern Ice, Coyote Peterson's Brave Adventures, or The Nature of Nature, you'll love The Congo Diaries.

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ISBN: 9781642508482
ISBN-10: 1642508489
Publisher: Mango
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English