Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days: The Fastest Fix for Sleepless Nights (Paperback)

Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days: The Fastest Fix for Sleepless Nights By Violet Giannone Cover Image
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Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days is the fastest, most effective method for sleep training your child and achieving long-term sleep success.

Many babies are not naturally good sleepers—but they can be! From the founder of the Sleep, Baby, Sleep® baby sleep training program, Violet Giannone, comes Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days—a straightforward, 7-day program proven to help your child sleep better, quickly and successfully. In Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days, Violet narrows down exactly how to: prepare your child for sleep training, initiate the sleep training process, and ensure that good sleep habits continue after sleep training.

Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days offers the support and guidance you need to confidently sleep train your child, including:
  • A clear 7-day plan outlining what to do each day to help your child sleep better within one week.
  • Before and after guidance to prepare you for the week of sleep training and set you up for success afterwards.
  • Troubleshooting support that offers specific advice for course correcting if your baby has a sleep setback.

If you're taking on the tough job of sleep training your child, you want it to work. Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days delivers what you need to confidently sleep train your child and start seeing results in one week.

About the Author

VIOLET GIANNONE is a registered nurse, pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Sleep, Baby, Sleep®, a website dedicated to helping babies sleep. After struggling with getting her first baby to sleep, Violet was faced with immense sleep deprivation. Realizing that walking around like a zombie was no way to parent a baby, Violet developed a sleep training program that drew attention worldwide. Believing that “cry it out” is not the only way to help a baby sleep, Violet dedicated her time and research to developing a program that is gentle, yet effective. She is helping parents daily and all over the world through the website. For a more tailored approach, she also offers personalized sleep plans and one-on-one consultations. Violet has been featured in and is a pediatric sleep expert for popular parenting websites such as,, Moms Magazine, Macaroni Kid, Baby Chick, Tinyhood and more. When she is not helping babies sleep or busy running around with/after her two girls, Violet loves coffee, Mexican food, listening to loud music, dancing as if no one is watching, and always looking for opportunities to take the road less traveled.

Praise For…

"This book is a must-have for all parents, who need support during sleep training, whether they're first-timers or second-, third-, or fourth-time parents. It's easy to follow the book's instructions on how to get your baby on a schedule and into a healthy sleep routine. As a sleep consultant myself, I understand the importance of having simple steps to follow and supporting parents during their sleep training journey."— Nicole Torrence, Sleep Baby Owl–Pediatric Sleep Consultant

“This book is a must-read for parents who need some sleep: its honest and straightforward approach lays it all out for you. With the clear and easy instructions, you can't go wrong! I give it a big thumbs up as a must-have for parents planning for or expecting a baby to get a head start on sleep for the whole family.”—Catherine Kerrigan, Certified Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator

"As a perinatal mental health professional, I see many parents struggle with conflicting information on what is appropriate for young children—some of which is not backed up by research and might be harmful in the long run. Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days is filled with sleep techniques that give careful attention to the importance of parent-child attachment, with methods fitting for an infant’s developing brain. This book is relatable and applicable, with to-the-point techniques for busy parents and caregivers."—Meyleen Velasquez, LCSW, RPT-S, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

"Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days is a LIFESAVER! Every exhausted parent needs sleep ASAP and this book is a guide to achieving that in only one week. Violet offers parents the knowledge and confidence to have a successful sleep training experience that will result in better sleep for the whole family. Violet answers every question a parent may have about baby sleep, and her expertise and experience are well-trusted. I strongly recommend reading this book!"—Missy Yandow, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, My Goodnight Train

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