Those Hidden Monsters (Paperback)

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Those Hidden Monsters is a sad tale of fear and despair, of misconceptions and misplaced ideals; friendship and betrayal; new-found love and intense hate; of evil men, of angels and witches, monsters and miracles. The story has a purpose above all others - to infuse compassion and interest in children worldwide. To teach them, by following the exploits of Mona and her friends, who learned the hard way, just how fragile human society has been and still is
Mona is the girl who has it all. At fifteen years old she has sparkling blue eyes and silky blonde locks. She is intelligent, healthy, strong and beautiful. Her family belongs to the top tier of German society, they mingle with the most powerful people around; they are Aryan elite. Of course, being Aryan brings benefits: high status, wealth, knowledge, power and privilege. Aryans are simply better than all others - aren't they? Well that's what Mama and Papa say, what else is Mona to believe? She is about to find out the truth and reveal all.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781641368674
ISBN-10: 1641368675
Publisher: Waldorf Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2018
Pages: 350
Language: English