An Addict's Flight: Addiction Everlasting (Paperback)

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Addiction is chaotic, messy, and nothing anyone would ever wish upon themselves. The truth is that this disease can happen to anyone, in any form. Anyone can become addicted to anything. An Addict's Flight is the story of ten different types of addicts sharing their personal experiences. Included is the research behind each form of addiction, entailing causality and treatment. These stories are shared to help others, de-stigmatize, and reveal the powerful hold one's mind succumbs to when addiction strikes. For those who have known, loved, or been involved with an addict, we have learned that only an addict can make the choice to take their flight towards lasting sobriety. Trapped in their cocoon, only they can spread their wings when ready. Megan tells her personal struggles with addiction and losing her mother to the disease. In doing so, she relates to these ten stories and the forever battle addicts fight to stay clean. A beautiful butterfly exists in us all as we unravel our cocoons. It is possible to spread our wings and fly towards peace. Everyone's flight comes on their own terms. We will love and nurture the addicts in our lives, while accepting what we cannot change.

Megan Johnson McCullough owns Every BODY's Fit fitness studio in Oceanside, California. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Health and Human Performance. She is ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world in natural bodybuilding, enjoys fitness modeling and writing, and her mission is to help every BODY spread their wings to become the best versions of themselves. She's a woman with biceps and brains she attributes to her mother's surrounding monarch spirit.

Butterflies are meant to fly.

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ISBN: 9781641118927
ISBN-10: 164111892X
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing Group
Publication Date: July 7th, 2020
Pages: 126
Language: English