As Iron Sharpens Iron: A Journey through the Valley of Death (Paperback)

As Iron Sharpens Iron: A Journey through the Valley of Death By Jeff Drinnan Cover Image
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For decades, the drug abuse epidemic has been growing. The government has declared opioid addiction to be a crisis. But with all the money and effort spent, we are not winning the war. All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put the drugged up Humpty Dumptys back together again. The church offers the solution to the drug problem.

As Iron Sharpens Iron opens with "Katherina," a woman struggling with drug addiction who is crying out for help, she experiences the horror of the drug world and how it is destroying her life, including her relationships with others. She becomes isolated and looks for guidance to stop her out-of-control life.

Katherina meets the author and reluctantly asks him for help to conquer her voluntary slavery of addiction. He takes her to faith-based meetings, to church and church functions, where she was ministered to and shown the light. The people, including the author's parents, are a good witness to her and brings her away from the dark drug world and into the light of Jesus. Katherina accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, and his work is evident in her life.

After God calls Katherina home, the author connected to a faith-based ministry for drug addicts and those suffering from other hurts and hang-ups. The story of Katherina's struggle with drugs and her victory, through Christ, is interwoven with an in-depth look at the root of the problem.

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ISBN: 9781638858799
ISBN-10: 1638858799
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: February 17th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English