Abba's Baby Girl's Mind Transformation (Hardcover)

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Abba's Baby Girl's Mind Transformation: Series 1 was written after my first minor surgery for my double mastectomy, when my blood pressure dropped and I felt my life slowly leaving me. I grabbed my OES sister's hand and began to pray in tongues. After waking up from an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, I felt different. I knew how it felt to die. This feeling caused me to feel an urgency to do what God created me to do instead of doing my own thing. During my recovery, Abba God had me all alone with him to instruct me on how to get back on His path. His Word transformed my thoughts during my trials and temptations, causing my emotions and desires to change to God's will and allowing me to make clear choices that would bring me life, instead of death. The paths of life and death are written in the Bible, which guides me back to the center of the cross to gain instructions for the battles I will have to face. Each battle causes an aftermath transformation, which will cause a new testing of my faith in God, with temptation and trials. It was up to me whether I walk on the path of Abba or on the path of my own fleshly desires. Abba gave me an equation to guide me on my journey: TTEDCBA, which means my temptation and trials, will affect my emotion and desires. The choices I make will cause a battle between my faith and my flesh. The results of each battle will have an aftermath transformation. After receiving the equation, I heard a small voice ask me, "Who is dying waiting on you to tell your testimony so they can overcome the path of death?" So I began to write Abba's Baby Girl's Mind Transformation. I pray that my story will help you avoid the pit of death by walking according to the cross compass of TTEDCBA.

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ISBN: 9781638855323
ISBN-10: 1638855323
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: October 14th, 2022
Pages: 234
Language: English