From Molested to Majestic (Paperback)

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This groundbreaking revelation will illuminate your thinking on how God must process us all. Go with Prophetess Valerie into the light of revealing the tactics of the enemy to destroy you by an experience of molestation. She explains, in great detail, the pain of the past and how to overcome the scars of the past. She also explains how generational curses will follow your bloodline if it's not properly dealt with in your family.

Her perspective on digging out the matters of the heart is life-changing. It is a practical message that can serve as a therapy of healing and deliverance. She opens up about how childhood experiences can affect your futuristic relationship with people and your relationship with God. Prophetess Valerie is teaching you step-by-step how to work through the baggage of life.

This book serves as a universal language to communicate the heart of God to the brokenhearted and to put into words the emotionalism of abuse. She expounds upon the weaknesses of all humanity but yet connecting us to a perfect savior who's able to perfect the details of one's life. Knowing that we all fall short, she profoundly conveys that it is your weakness and brokenness that connects you to God.

You will learn how to dissect the issue that is responsible for your pain. This presents a guide into the realm of deliverance that catapults you into freedom She reveals through personal experiences and biblical stories how a relationship with God is able to strengthen you in the process of life. She believes the Word of God is essential and portrays liberation.

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ISBN: 9781638143222
ISBN-10: 1638143226
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: August 24th, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English