Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse: Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon (Paperback)

Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse: Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon By Stewart "Brittlestar" Reynolds Cover Image
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Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse—where common sense has become the rarest element on Earth and rage is all the rage.

Think of this collection of short comedic essays on politics, life, and more as a field guide for life.

Social media darling Brittlestar brings readers a book of essays similar to his online presence. In these essays, he provides a “voice of reason” by approaching some of the folly and absurdity in the world of social media and politics—not to mention the just plain dumbness of humanity—with a dose of common sense and modern reasoning.

About the Author

Brittlestar, a.k.a. Stewart Reynolds, is a bespectacled every-dad who has become a popular online media personality over the past decade. Every week, hundreds of thousands of people watch his videos on various social media channels. Some of Brittlestar’s followers include Henry Winkler, Ryan Reynolds, Ken Jeong, Rex Chapman, Yvette Nicole Brown, and many other politicians and journalists. Brittlestar videos have been viewed more than a combined 600 million times, allowing him to gain a global fanbase, attend speaking engagements all over North America, receive an invitation to the White House, and engage in collaborations with celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Alan Thicke, and the Property Brothers.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781637588390
ISBN-10: 1637588399
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English