Longevity: Your Practical Playbook on Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Mindset, Medications, and Not Dying from Something Stupid (Hardcover)

Longevity: Your Practical Playbook on Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Mindset, Medications, and Not Dying from Something Stupid By Peter H. Diamandis, Helen Messier (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Peter H. Diamandis, Helen Messier (Contribution by)
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Life is short-until you extend it

We are in the midst of a healthspan revolution. In this practical playbook, I share my own longevity practices-what I'm personally doing to extend my healthspan-which have been garnered from synthesizing well over three hundred interviews during my Abundance Platinum Longevity Trips, my Moonshots podcast, and in consultation with the medical team at Fountain Life.

Experts predict that breakthroughs within the next ten years will enable us to add decades onto our healthspan. This refers to the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging. It emphasizes the quality of life lived rather than just the duration. In contrast, lifespan is the total duration of an individual's life, regardless of their health condition. While lifespan denotes the years lived, healthspan underscores the years lived healthily and actively.

Your mission is therefore to maximize your health and vitality by using the most advanced diagnostics to catch disease early, enabling you to stay healthy long enough to intercept the additional breakthroughs racing toward us.

Can we extend the healthy human lifespan past today's record of 122? Can humans live past 200 years? Or even indefinitely? What if advancements in AI can significantly shorten the regular cycles of clinical trials? And what if we learn to prevent and eventually eradicate cancers, heart diseases, and Alzheimer's?

Most people imagine that longevity is mostly inherited, and that the genetic cards you are dealt have predetermined your lifespan.

You may be surprised by the truth.

In 2018, after the analysis of a 54-million-person ancestry database, scientists announced that lifespan has little to do with genes. In fact, heritability is accountable for roughly 7% of your longevity. The highest estimates for heritability verge around 30%-which still means at a minimum, you're 70% in control of how you age.

The power of shaping your healthspan is much more in your hands than you might have imagined. Extending the healthy human lifespan will increase global abundance and uplift humanity. The equation is simple; longer healthier lives mean more time spent at our productive best which means more innovation.

Start extending your life-today.

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