Your Way There (to Being Fully Alive): Concepts and Tools for Mindful Transformation (Hardcover)

Your Way There (to Being Fully Alive): Concepts and Tools for Mindful Transformation By Gretta Keene, Murray (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Gretta Keene, Murray (Illustrator)
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"Reading this book is like spending a sunny afternoon on a porch with a patient friend . . . who also happens to know a lot about therapy."

--Peter Blauner, New York Times best-selling author

With memorable stories and 100+ full-color illustrations, this lighthearted psychology self-help book shares mindfulness and psychotherapy practices for living your best life.

Between social distance and social media, meaningful connection in the 21st century is complicated--not just with others, but with ourselves too.

With decades of experience in psychotherapy, Gretta Keene warmly introduces positive psychology tools for elevating relationships, navigating challenges, and savoring the joy of being alive.

After all, like weather, life happens. You can't change the weather--but you can learn how to change your response.

Paired with whimsical artwork by William Murray, the friendly language of Your Way There makes concepts like "reparenting" and "new neural pathways" feel not just approachable, but possible.

Inside this guide on how to live a meaningful life, discover how to:

  • transform your mind and change oh well to now what?,
  • recognize your defensive "bodyguards" and relieve them of their duties,
  • stop having the same old fight and stay connected when things get bumpy, and
  • use awareness-boosting tools to reclaim your agency so life doesn't just "happen to you."

Full of stories that speak to the heart, Your Way There equips readers with the tools and know-how to manage life's more complex situations with wisdom, compassionate mind training, and even vital play.

A warm addition to the world of happiness self-help, this book pairs the uplifting encouragement of Matt Haig's The Comfort Book with the science-based approach of titles like Unwinding Anxiety and Stop Overthinking.

Whether you're already on your self-improvement journey or are "just looking" into therapy, life isn't about arriving at a destination. It's about Your Way There.

So may you find your way and learn to thrive,

Hopeful, awake, alive while you're alive.

"An owner's manual for becoming a more connected and contented human being."

--Peg Tyre, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author

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ISBN: 9781634895057
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Publisher: Wise Ink
Publication Date: January 24th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English